The Scholarship Committee (Kathryn Taylor, Suzanne Lane, Andy Clapham) selected from 28 applicants the following six Westerly High School recipients of our 2024 Scholarship Awards:  Kayley Chim, Geena Falcone, Camden Kelly, Sam Marchese, Andrew Plumpton and Nicholas Tria.  A total of $15,000 was awarded among these fine students.  Four are also Student of the Month selections.  President Derin and Foundation Chair Bob Elmer presented the award letters at Baccalaureate but we will get to meet these young adults some time over Christmas break.  As our Policy dictates, our award is not actually given at Baccalaureate but is presented to them at the end of their first semester when they join us at one of our dinner meetings.  We wish them good fortune and much success - the future is theirs to make!!