Our very special guests this past Monday evening were Andy and Sherylann Bonner.  Dora introduced them as they have been her neighbors since moving to Ashaway several years ago.  Andy is Pastor of Groton Bible Chapel.  They have made several missionary trips to Pignon, Haiti, taking a small plane from Florida to land in a grassy air field in Pignon in order to avoid the dangers of Port-au-Prince.
They presented a slide show of pictures showing the children at play, but more importantly, children and adults of all ages pitching in to help do whatever needs to be done.  They traveled over bad roads, through swollen rivers, to help at mobile clinics, elder care, teaching women about personal care or jewelry making.  They even helped to build a new church for a remote community and Pastor Andy performed the first wedding there.  There is an orphanage operated by JBM and work was done there to build bathrooms with showers, installed solar so each room had a light.