Posted on Apr 02, 2019
   Charitable/Scholarship Dinner
11 May 2019 at The Cooked Goose
Past President (1998-1999) Ted Avedesian planned the first "Scholarship" auction dinner to raise funds for scholarships during his year in office.  It was such a success that it continued every year, except for one.  So, this year is a milestone - the Twentieth Dinner!!  As Ted has told us many times, originally the event proceeds were totally intended to build up the Scholarship Fund.  When the Scholarship Fund had risen to more than $50,000, it was decided to split the dinner proceeds of future dinners between the Scholarship Fund and the Charitable Giving Fund.  Scholarships awarded went from $2,000 to $4,000 per year.
We have been fortunate that The Cooked Goose has generously provided us with a very special exclusive evening.  Chef Andrew Nathan always prepares a delicious gourmet dinner in 3-4 courses.  Make your reservation as soon as possible - $35 per person - contact Ted or Rose.
The Wine Store prepares a fine selection of wines for tasting - and buying.
Our many community friends have donated gift cards, gift certificates, items, vacation getaways, vehicle rentals, garden materials, etc. so we have a wonderful assortment of raffle items, silent auction items and live auction items.
Steve Cofone is showing off one of Doug Rayner's handcrafted keepsake boxes from a previous Auction dinner.