Former Rotarian and current President of the Colonial Theater Dawn Robinson spoke very enthusiastically to the membership about the current activities of Colonial Theater, especially how those activities benefit young people in our community.  She said that theater teaches team building, working together through the process of creating a show - a group activity. They recently received a RI Foundation grant to help them with the costs of developing the student program.  Since 1991, the annual Shakespeare in the Park programs have been offered free, although donations are happily accepted.  Even with all the volunteers, professional actor and director fees, staging, lighting and sound costs are quite substantial - the annual production can total over $100,000.  Dawn seeks corporate sponsorship so the annual event can remain a free one.
The Colonial has been working with Westerly High School to continue their mission through the school year.  To read more about the Colonial or to make a donation, go to  This year Shakespeare in the Park's production, directed by Marion Markham, will be the Complete Works of Shakespeare - Abridged from 30 July thru 15 August.  Go to the website to make a reservation.