Awarded for Peace and Conflict Resolution event held at the Westerly Library in partnership with Westerly Area Peace and Justice, the Anti-Racism Coalition and the Westerly Library.  An Evening with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr took place on 16 January 2024.  The goal for the evening was to bring the community together to openly discuss how Dr. King's words from over 50 years ago can unite people to promote peace in a turbulent world.  It was promoted in the Westerly Sun.  In addition, we participated in monthly meetings of the Peace Pole Committee which has led to the planting of peace poles in Westerly.  An International Day of Peace event was held 23 September 2023 at Westerly Library. A program on International Cities of Peace at the District Peace-building and Conflict Resolution Forum on Zoom took place 27 February 2024.
Members have attended DE&I web training. We have removed fines from weekly meetings, meeting meals have become optional, creating a tiered dues structure.  Meeting place is convenient to all.  Website includes Diversity pledge: Rotary strives to create and maintain an experience for members and participants that reflects our fundamental values, empowers people to contribute at their fullest potential, and celebrates people as they are.  Our core values - service, fellowship, diversity, integrity and leadership - align with our commitment to foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment for all.
25 achievements were listed on the award application.  We had to complete at least 16 between 1 July 2023 and 25 April 2024.  We accomplished 20.  Some examples are service project completed, Million Dollar Meal, attendance at District event, participate or contribute to international project, peace building.
To receive this award, a club must have completed at least 4 of 9 items.  We completed six: highlighted projects or events in the Westerly Sun, maintained an attractive up-to-date website, maintained an active up-to-date facebook page, produced regular newsletters to membership and others, hosted an event to inform others about Rotary's efforts to eradicate Polio in the world (our Million Dollar Meal in Rotary Park), Updated Club banners with Day of Service banner.
District Longevity Awards were given to Dr. Douglas A Rayner for his 53 years of service and Joseph Nigrelli for his 56 years of service
to Westerly Rotary.