Funds to cover the GG have been contributed, mailed to The Rotary Foundation, and have been transferred to the RC of La Antigua.  Due to a severe shortage of PVC piping, the purchase of these items has been on an extremely limited basis.  As construction proceeds, further progress reports will be sent. The photo below shows members of the village Water Committee participate in the “first rock ceremony” which signifies the start of the project and is comparable to a “groundbreaking ceremony” in the USA.  The other photos show the leveling of the land where the reinforced concrete distribution tank will be located.
XETONOX, COMALAPA  - Global Grant #2122094 R/Y 2021-2022
Our 11th Global Grant has been submitted, reviewed and approved by TRF, designated for this village.  Funding will be requested from clubs starting after July 1, 2021 since this GG has been designated for Rotary Year 2021-2022. 
Rick & Elin will be visiting the Club on July 12th -  great night to bring a guest!!!