Past President Cal Lord inducts Frank Livingston this past Monday evening.  Frank met with us early in March at our "Fireside Chat" but then COVID happened; so we appreciate his patience awaiting his official induction.  He has already shown his Rotary spirit by helping with the COVID delivery program headed by President Rona Mann.  Frank told the membership last evening that his Dad was a Rotarian in his home town of Manchester, CT.  We welcome Frank to Westerly and to our Club.
Induction of 2020/2021 Officers and Directors was lead by Past President Bob Elmer.  Suzanne Lane, Director, and Past President Kathryn participated via Zoom.  We extend our thoughts and prayers to Julie Lord, who will be taking up the Secretary position but who has been by her sister's side.
We were delighted to have Marty and Bob Boughner join us for dinner, though hugs will have to wait awhile.  Also in attendance was Dave Mann, Dave Wargat and Justin Wargat.  Dylan Temel, son of Derin, shared his wonderful musical talents on trumpet before the bell rang at 5:30.   Cal provided a really great slide show of the past year's activities and Rotarians at work doing good everywhere.
After Rona took her oath of office, she spoke to membership about her plans for the year, plans that may be derailed by COVID restrictions, but that won't keep this little lady from finding a way to spread the word about Rotary, about the Rotary Club of Westerly.   Rona is an avid walker and has already registered for virtual or actual walks around the area:  Women Veterans Benefit Walk, Alzheimer's Walk Westerly, Terri Brodeur Foundation Walk and there are more to come, for sure. She graciously took the time to mention Club members who have stood out at one time or another.
But somehow she missed a couple and sent Rose this note -"I forgot two very important Rotarians as I gazed around the room last night, saying why I treasured each person there for their talent, their fellowship, and for who they are.  How, then, could I forget our version of the Blues Brothers?  Reiner and Brooks?  Frick and Frack?  Ted and Steve, you are the very heart of this Rotary Club and what it's always been about.  You power our biggest projects and do it with such thoroughness and great detail, like the Scholarship Auction, Summer Pops set up and tear down, and all the schlepping, storage, and grunt work others aren't able to do.  Having the added pressure of such a critical position at the hospital (Steve) and the stress of being a small businessman in today's climate (Ted), I don't believe that I have ever heard either of you complain!   Your relationship is an old married couple with one finishing the other's sentences and those pet names you have for each other... Baba?  Boo Boo?  I won't ask.  Perhaps my oversight last night was because you do everything so effortlessly; and sadly, that kind of dedication often becomes something we tend to take for granted and overlook as automatic because it's always there.  So, here is the first mea culpa of the '20-'21 year.  I'm sure it won'te be the last!  But once again, a hearty thank you and much affection to you both, Baba and Boo Boo."
Your editor, Rose, received a really, really special gift from the membership - two gift cards for Agway and Pleasant Acres Nursery - her two favorite local shops.  I am so grateful to you all for this gift.  You're all welcome to stroll through my garden when you are in the neighborhood.  And a funny thing happened last week - Rona received a Paul Harris pin with two sapphires, no name was provided, and she contacted Rose to ask about it.  Since Rose is also Treasurer and was fully aware that she had achieved this award by reaching $3,025. in contributions to EREY and Polio Plus, Rona was so informed.  Rona's first thought was "well, when I award it to you look surprised".  Of course, that wouldn't be the truth. Rose didn't want to make the evening any longer than necessary so no speech; however, as editor we can take up space here.  So Rose writes, "The membership honored me with my first Paul Harris award in July 2012, with a $1,000 donation to Rotary Foundation.  I was so humbled by this honor, that I determined to contribute to Every Rotarian Every Year and Polio Plus as often as possible and have since earned for myself a PHF pin with 1 sapphire and Monday the PHF pin with 2 sapphires.  Rotary does so much good throughout the world and I am grateful and blessed to be a small part of this organization."
  Past Presidents
   Paul Harris Fellows
Next week, we will meet for an evening of fellowship at Grey Sail Brewery at 5:30pm.  Food will once again be supplied by The Cooked Goose - same menu choices.  Dora Vasquez-Hellner will be taking your order this week, her email is  Please contact her by Saturday evening the latest.  And, a huge thank you to Doug for picking up our sandwiches and salads. 
August 3rd we will be back at Central Baptist Church.