Monday evening a very special young lady, Amelia Onorato, Exhibitions Manager at the Mystic Museum of Art, joined us for dinner and later took us on a tour of the Museum and its current, exciting exhibit - Norman Rockwell's Saturday Evening Post Covers - Tell me a Story.  The exhibit runs from June 18 through September 18. 
The Museum was founded by Charles H. Davis as Mystic Art Association in 1913.  He was an American Impressionist Painter.  In 1928 an old town dump area was up for sale.  Member Lester Boronda persuaded other members to look beyond what they saw in trash to what they could create.  Their new building opened to the public 23 July 1931. 
"The exhibition will present all 323 of the legendary covers created for The Saturday Evening Post by the renowned American painter and illustrator, Norman Rockwell (1894-1978).  In doing so, the exhibition brings together two giants of American cultural history:....Taken together, Rockwell's Saturday Evening Post covers detail Americans' lives and the history they shared for 47 years."  Amelia shared a few special stories about some of his historically memorable paintings - like Rosie the Riverter, the 4 Freedoms, WWII Willie Gillis.  Rockwell also illustrated for Boys' Life magazine; and when he left the Saturday Evening Post, he moved to Look Magazine.  In 1954 his cover for Look illustrated the story of Ruby, the first African-American child to attend a desegregated elementary school in New Orleans, LA - 14 Nov 1960 - under the watchful eye of marshalls.
Above is Amelia hard at work preparing the exhibition.  The Museum is at 9 Water Street, Mystic, and is open from 11 to 5 daily.  Call 860.536.7601 for information about studio classes for adults and children as well as summer camps and family programs.  Website is