REMINDER:  22 February 2021 -  Please bring your can goods to Ted store by this date for the Month of February
Rona has started a new project called "The 21 Club" and it isn't just for members but for everyone.  She had a discussion recently with Principal Hobin, who mentioned that the annual Senior Alcohol Free Party needed help.  It has been an event supported by the community.  So, for 2021 Rona is suggesting that Rotarians and friends contribute $21.00 to the Club and these funds will be restricted for Westerly High School 2021 Senior Party.  So far, the "21 Club" has ten members.  In additional news, Adam Gilman, Senior Class President, will be working on this event which is controlled by by parents.  Derin and Rona are preparing a press release.
Apologies to all who attempted to attend Zoom meeting this evening.  You all will get attendance credit.  Rose had a computer sound issue that took almost an hour to fix.
1 Mar 2021:  Board Meeting  via Zoom at 4:30pm.  Followed by regular meeting at 5:30pm.
Please remember Julie in your prayers.
8 Mar 2021:  Ann Shapiro from Connecticut Storytelling Center will return to speak due to necessity of cancelling our Feb 22 meeting.
15 Mar 2021:  Student of the month - Jan, Feb, Mar students