Coach Vacca and Pres Ted
Pee Wee Football organization's President Joseph Vacca joined us for dinner Monday event and spoke about the on going needs of maintaining the field and equipment as the kids benefit from the best in coaches while learning the game and what it means to play as a team.  And it isn't just football players, cheerleaders are learning the same goals.  The organization began in 1964 and played all over town until a group of volunteers got the town to donate the land on Old Hopkinton Road.  Then more volunteers graded the land and built a football field, added fencing, a storage shed, a snack shed, parking area.  Through it all there was Coach Vacca working with children, helping them to be better and seeing them grow up to be police officers, doctors, teachers.  And then they come back to coach other children.   An example of the increased costs of the program - a helmet once cost $38 and now the cost is $180.