Fifteen members participated in Monday's zoom meeting.  Great to see all who attended and to know that they and their families are doing well.
Ted announced that Bogue's Alley was preparing for us a meal for the three crews at the Westerly Ambulance Corps.  It will be delivered on Tuesday.  Question was asked how the meal was being packaged and Ted replied that the dinners were going to be packed in individual containers.  A certificate from the Club, expressing our appreciation for all they have done during this difficult time, accompanied the dinners.  We hope to provide a meal to the Police Dept also.
Suzanne led a discussion about another Program - Westerly Heroes.  How we can honor all the workers in the markets and hospital.  Ideas ranged from a placque, donation in their honor to a food bank, trays of cookies.  More to follow on this next week.
Reminder that we hope to hold a small "live" Golf Tournament meeting toward end of May.
Chikumbuso Virtual Challenge - Reminder to review this story and let Rose know if you plan to participate.  Club will make the donation for all Club participants.
May 18 - join us to hear from Warm Center's Russ Partridge   - zoom meeting at 5:30pm
EVERY ROTARIAN EVERY YEAR (erey) -  If you have not yet made your contribution, please consider doing so before June 30.  You can go online directly at the Rotary Foundation website or get your check to Rose.  And, if you do go online to RF, please let Rose know.