Posted on Nov 04, 2019
Membership Committee:  Chairman Cal Lord with Dan Alvino, Frank Celico and Caroline Maynard
Cal said that they have committed to informing potential members of upcoming programs, which might be of interest, and encouraging members to invite them to attend.  The Club has agreed to pay up to 3 dinners for each potential member and current Rotarians may cover this cost if they wish.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact Chairman Cal at, Dan at, Frank at   Danny brought Alan Brinton's application for membership to meeting Monday evening - it was approved by Board vote Monday afternoon, Oct 7.  Fireside Chat with Alan on 7 November at Central Baptist Church 7:00pm.
Chikumbuso Education Program - we have sent a check to Linda Wilkinson to continue Whyness Phiri's education for the next year along with another youngster.  Linda has advised that our second child will be Peter Juma, age 14, in Grade 7.  Peter lives with his father and 4 sisters.  He has to help take care of his siblings because he is the oldest.  Every day he walks to school with his friends - 1.5 hour trip.  Peter likes to draw and his favorite subject is science.
   Whyness Phiri                                Peter Juma
Golf Tournament meeting on October 25th - final discussion regarding 7 Oct2019 tournament.  Next year the tournament will take place on 5 October 2020 and it will include a Women's Division.
Vinnie Gaccione  -  heard this evening that Vinnie had an accident.  Doug informed us that he is at home recovering - send notes or cards
Bob Elmer - has had his surgery, slowly recovering - send notes or cards  - a plant was sent to Bob today
Joe Nigrelli - is at home - send notes or cards
Board meeting 4 Nov:  Voted to approve $50 to Rotary Rose Bowl Parade Committee for Rotary's annual float - 41st consecutive float entry.  Volunteers will donate more than 7,200 hours preparing decorations and applying them to the float - theme for 2020 - Hope Connects the World.  Also, approval was given to donate $200 to the Westerly High School Theatre Scrapbook. 
Annual meeting will take place on Dec 16 which will also be evening of our Holiday party and celebration of December Student of the Month.  We are considering a collection of unwrapped gifts to be donated to one of our local groups.
Breaking News!!!!  As a result of Rona's great article in Sunday's Westerly Sun, Officer Mills has received many, many phone calls regarding the Lock Box and will be installing three of them to Westerly residents on Thursday.
RYLA in 2020 will take place May 15 to 17, 2020.  We have committed to send one student from Westerly High School and have contacted Principal Hobin already as District is trying to get a "head start" on preparations.