Monday evening of 6 February Rose and Steve participated in the Kick Off Zoom meeting for the 20 May 2023 Rotary Day of Service "Get Behind the Wheel".  This special event includes 450 Clubs from eight Districts of Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Bermuda.  During the Zoom meeting, we heard from Clubs that have been combining their efforts over the past couple of years with the purpose of not only providing a Service but becoming more visible in the community - combining ACTION of an activity with membership and community volunteers joining together for the common good  - whether it is a food drive, blood drive, clean up project, baby shower drive, clothing drive, personal hygiene drive....  They have created a special banner - pictured above - which can be used over and over (the date is a stick on), tee shirts and a press release kit to assist with public image ideas.  All photos, for example, should show people in ACTION, not just posing.
We will be working at Rotary Park on 4/22.  We will do some clean up of the area - mulching in the children's garden, plantings around the Peace Pole, Rotary Park sign etc.