Posted on Nov 21, 2019
An update from Rick Lawrence, District 7890 Chair of Water and Sanitation Projects and 19/20 Chair of Agua Caliente & Paxorotot Water & Sanitation Projects
"Dear Fellow Rotarians: 
I want to thank you for your club's past contribution to one of the two Global Grants that funded the Clean Water & Sanitation Projects in Guatemala.  As a means of keeping you informed about the utilization of those funds, I am attaching the latest progress report on the 3 villages currently under construction.  Please share with your club members so they can see how their contributions are being used effectively."
"Just this afternoon ABPD posted the below video (sorry, can't publish here, but may find it on Facebook).  This is one of the 3 villages currently under construction.  Chajalajya, Tecpan - last week the pumping system operated by solar energy was installed and the water has already arrived to the distribution tank, without need of any type of fuel other than the sunlight.  Soon the water will come to homes."
"Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and all of your fellow Rotarians,"
Rick and Elin Lawrence.