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The chart above was one of the slides provided at the District's Zoom Grants Training last week.  It very nicely shows how contributions are distributed.
With funds originating from Clubs and its Rotarians, donations flow to Polio Plus Fund, Annual Fund and Endowment Fund.  From there the donations go on to specific programs or invested.
In particular. a gift to the Annual Fund supports efforts to "strengthen peace efforts, provide clean water and sanitation, support education, grow local economies, save mothers and children, and fight disease."   The Every Rotarian Every Year "initiative asks every Rotarian to support The Rotary Foundation every year.  In addition to contributing to the Annual Fund on a regular basis, members are encouraged to get involved in a Foundation project or program.
"Through the Share system, contributions to The Rotary Foundation are transformed into grants that fund local and international humanitarian projects, scholarships, and activities, such as vocational training teams.  At the end of every Rotary year, contributions directed to the Annual Fund -SHARE from all Rotary Clubs in the district are divided between the World Fund and the District Designated Fund (DDF).  At the end of three years, the district can use the DDF to pay for Foundation, Club and District projects."  Districts may use up to half of their DDF to fund district grants - funds available to Clubs for projects which must "align with the Rotary Foundation's mission."  District Grants are short-term (one year) with a limit of $1,500 per Club granted.
Due to Club giving in 2018-2019 ($161,320), DDF funds available for the 2021/2022 year will be $80,660.  The District will split this between Short-term District Grants and Long-term Global Grants.
Our Club has successfully applied for and completed District Grants for several years including projects such as the One Room Schoolhouse, providing a Trailer for RI Assisting Those in Need, Food Grants to Pawcatuck Neighborhood Ctr, Jonnycake Ctr of Westerly and RICAN, and the Reforest the Tropics School education program.  
If you have not yet made a contribution to Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY), please consider doing it soon.  Rotary does so much good in this world and we are so much a part of this great organization!!!
Rona has started a new project called "The 21 Club" and it isn't just for members but for everyone.  She had a discussion recently with Principal Hobin, who mentioned that the annual Senior Alcohol Free Party needed help.  It has been an event supported by the community.  So, for 2021 Rona is suggesting that Rotarians and friends contribute $21.00 to the Club and these funds will be restricted for Westerly High School 2021 Senior Party.  So far, the "21 Club" has ten members.  In additional news, Adam Gilman, Senior Class President, will be working on this event which is controlled by by parents.  Derin and Rona are preparing a press release.
Please remember Julie in your prayers.
8 Mar 2021:  Students of the Month:  (Jan) Jasper Gitzendanner, (Feb) Michael Mancini, (Mar) Adam Gilman
22 Mar 2021:  Ann Shapiro from Connecticut Storytelling Center will return to speak due to necessity of cancelling our Feb 22 meeting.
29 Mar 2021:  CanDo deadline for March -  Make sure to drop your canned or boxed goods off at Avie's Ski/Sport Shop.
5 Apr 2021:  Board meeting at 4:30pm
23 Apr 2021:  Olean Center Virtual Trivia Night  7-10pm
Thank you note received from Hope Urbonas:  "I would like to deeply thank you for appointing me as the December student of the month.  I am grateful not only for the recognition and wishes from so many amazing people but for the opportunity to sit in on the meeting.  Since the virtual gathering, I have been rigorously working through college applications and scholarships, and the complexities of a senior year during Covid-19.  I hope you all have been safe and healthy, and I aspire to make my Westerly community proud each day.  Thank you again!"
New Club project:  Rona brought this project to the Board Monday evening - Random Act of Rotary -  and the Board approved it.  We will be purchasing 40 $25 Ocean Community Chamber of Commerce Gift Certificates and Club members will distribute to perfect strangers that we come across during our day.
Face of Rotary  - Derin and Rona have been working on this project to promote the Club with a monthly ad in The Sun while focusing attention on our members.
Some members seem to be confused about when to write a check to the Club or to Foundation so here is a little tutorial
The Club's Foundation (Rotary Club of Westerly Foundation) is the vehicle for all fundraiser events and major donations.  So donations for the Charitable/Scholarship Dinner or the Golf Tournament should be made payable to the Rotary Club of Westerly Foundation.  After discussion this past Monday, I've determined that all fundraising activities, including the Jonnycake Center Pasta Dinner, should be processed through RCoW Foundation.  Thus, all such donations are fully tax deductible.
The Club is responsible for collecting dues, happy/sad dollars, Every Rotarian Every Year donations going to Rotary Foundation (Int'l), and any other "pass-through" donations.  An example of a "pass through" is Every Rotarian Every Year  -  if you write a check to the Club that is intended for Rotary Foundation, the funds are processed through the Club's checking account and sent to RF-Int'l.  Checks should be made payable to Rotary Club of Westerly.
One more thing, please do not confuse Rotary Club of Westerly Foundation with Rotary International Foundation.  RI's Foundation receives EREY (Annual Fund), Polio Plus Donations and these funds support Rotary International programs all over the world.  The Club's Foundation supports all our programs.
"When you give to The Rotary Foundation, we empower Rotary members to take action to:
    *  Protect and restore land coastal, marine, and freshwater resources
    *  Enhance the capacity of communities to manage and conserve natural resources
    *  Support sustainable agriculture, fishing and aquaculture practices
    *  Address the cause of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions
    *  Strengthen ecosystems and communities that are affected by climate change
    *  Support education to promote behaviors that protect the environment
    *  Advocate for sustainable consumption to build an economy that uses resources more efficiently
    *  Address environmental justice issues and public health concerns
Our goal is to fund positive, measurable, and sustainable projects that protect our environment.... thank you for supporting this new initiative."
  EVERY ROTARIAN EVERY YEAR provides funds to Rotary Foundation's Annual Fund, specifically, and 50% of this donation comes back to the District.   You can prepare a check payable to The Rotary Foundation and Rose will make sure that it gets to Rotary Foundation in your name.  You can also go directly to the Rotary International website and make your donation online. but please let Rose know that you did so.  
2020/2021 Stars
Ted Avedesian, Steve Cofone, Frank Livingston, Cal Lord, Julie Lord, Rona Mann, Dan Alvino, Doug Rayner, Rosemarie Russo, Kathryn Taylor
If you know of someone who is "at risk" and can benefit from having a lockbox installed at their home, please contact the Westerly Police Department or Officer Mills at the non-emergency Phone Number 401.596.2022.  Our lockboxes are provided to residents in need free of charge.  Also, if other groups wish to donate lockboxes to the Westerly Police Department, please purchase them from McQuade's Ace Hardware.  We are being awarded special pricing and have delivered 40 lockboxes was delivered to Officer Mills.
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  • Elaine Temel
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  • Danny Alvino
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  • Bob Lane
    March 18, 2019
    2 years
  • Caroline Maynard
    March 18, 2019
    2 years
  • Suzanne Lane
    March 18, 2019
    2 years
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