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Today was the Chikumbuso Annual 10K/5K Run or Walk at the North Stonington Grange.  The "Westerly Rotarian" team - real troopers!!! - Pat Grande, Kathryn Taylor and Cal Lord are pictured above.  Rona Mann also completed the walk.  Kudos to you all and we hope that you enjoyed some Ben & Jerry's for all of us!!
Just received a thank you note from Linda Wilkinson, the founder of Chikumbuso.  She said, "A big thank you to each one of you who participated in our Chikumbuso Challenge this year!  We were able to raise about $6,000 of our $15,000 annual lunch program budget!  We are well on our way to continuing our feeding program for 500 students every day.  We appreciate your generosity of both time and giving!"  Her note included a quote from Denzel Washington - "At the end of the day it's not about what you have or even what you've accomplished...it's about who you've lifted up, who you've made better.  It's about what you've given back."
Rotary has helped prevent more than:
     18 million cases of Polio
           1.9 million deaths
      while raising more than
            3 billion dollars
The above statement was part of the presentation made by Rotarian John Nanni.  John is the Rotary District 7630 Polio Plus Chair, a Polio Survivor, team member for World's Greatest Meal to Help End Polio, Group & Board Member of Polio Network of NJ Support Group, Paul Harris fellow.  The Westerly and Wakefield Clubs changed their regular meeting in order to attend dinner with the Chariho Club along with current and past District Governors and current and past Assistant District Governors.  John's presentation focused on Polio, Post-Polio Syndrome and Rotary's Role to "End Polio Now".
John said that he doesn't tell his story just to talk about himself but to make himself the "object lesson" for Polio Vaccination - and for all contagious disease vaccinations.  "At the age of 10 months old in 1953, months before the Salk vaccine was distributed, John was paralyzed from his neck down for six months."  Seeing that the hospital staff was not doing much to help her son, John's mother took classes in the Sister Elizabeth Kenny method of keeping Polio victim's limbs from atrophying.  Applying her lessons to John every other hour eventually "healed" his body.  He took his first steps a year later, grew to play sports through high school, although, he said, he wasn't very good due to the residual effects of the disease.  He graduated from college and later owned his own business.  However, Post-Polio Syndrome began to take a toll on him with "ever-present pain and mobility issues from overuse of polio damaged muscles."
He now is limited to about 200 hundred walking steps per day and uses a power wheelchair.
John said, "as long as polio threatens even one child anywhere in the world, children everywhere remain at risk.  The stakes are that high."
Vacci the Teddy Bear and his two brothers were auctioned off bringing in about $1,000.  End Polio Now bands were sold for $5.00 each and attendees paid $20 for dinner with $3.00 going to Polio Plus.  I don't know what the final total collected was but I think it was a great fundraiser for Polio Plus and we were so very fortunate to have the opportunity to meet and listen to John.
Following up on Sgt Mourato's Bristol Lockbox program, our Club Board has voted to extend his program here in Westerly.  With the cooperation and support of McQuade's Ace Hardware, eight MasterLock 5400D lockboxes were purchased and delivered today to the Westerly Police Station. 
Officer Howard Mills, the Community Police Officer, met with President Kathryn.  Officer Mills works with the "At Risk Resident Program".  This program includes a database for "at risk residents" who suffer from Alzheimer's disease, other forms of dementia, or medical conditions that may cause an individual to wander or put themselves at risk.  If individuals are currently registered with any other organizations, it would still be beneficial to have them entered locally with the Westerly Police Dept to help that individual, should they need assistance.
If you know of someone who is "at risk" and can benefit from having a lockbox installed at their home, please contact the Westerly Police Department or Officer Mills.  Our lockboxes are provided to residents in need free of charge.  Also, if other groups wish to donate lockboxes to the Westerly Police Department, please purchase them from McQuade's Ace Hardware.  We are being awarded special pricing.
   Charitable/Scholarship Dinner
11 May 2019 at The Cooked Goose
Past President (1998-1999) Ted Avedesian planned the first "Scholarship" auction dinner to raise funds for scholarships during his year in office.  It was such a success that it continued every year, except for one.  So, this year is a milestone - the Twentieth Dinner!!  As Ted has told us many times, originally the event proceeds were totally intended to build up the Scholarship Fund.  When the Scholarship Fund had risen to more than $50,000, it was decided to split the dinner proceeds of future dinners between the Scholarship Fund and the Charitable Giving Fund.  Scholarships awarded went from $2,000 to $4,000 per year.
We have been fortunate that The Cooked Goose has generously provided us with a very special exclusive evening.  Chef Andrew Nathan always prepares a delicious gourmet dinner in 3-4 courses.  Make your reservation as soon as possible - $35 per person - contact Ted or Rose.
The Wine Store prepares a fine selection of wines for tasting - and buying.
Our many community friends have donated gift cards, gift certificates, items, vacation getaways, vehicle rentals, garden materials, etc. so we have a wonderful assortment of raffle items, silent auction items and live auction items.
Steve Cofone is showing off one of Doug Rayner's handcrafted keepsake boxes from a previous Auction dinner.
It was a pleasure to meet Bristol Police Sgt Ricardo Mourato last evening.  In the picture above he holds a real estate lockbox, which has been adopted for elderly, veterans or people with disabilities for safety.  He said that he experienced several incidents, responding to an elderly citizen's home, where the resident could not get to the door and the police could not get into the house.  "If we are lucky, we can climb in through an open window.  Worst case scenario, if we can't get to that person, we have to break the door down."   This can take time away from emergency personnel getting to a person in need and also cause expensive damage to their property.  It's a 15- to 20-minute process.
Sgt Mourato came up with the idea to use real estate lockboxes.  It is sturdy and secure.  Instead of being fixed to a resident's entry door, it is generally secured under  the resident's electrical box or another location selected by the local police department.  The electrical box is a primary choice as it can be found easily by looking for the electrical wire to the home.  What makes this box special is that only the Police Department has the code to open the lockbox, which contains a key to the home.  In Bristol, the Police Department maintains a file on each lockbox resident with the name, address and even a picture of the home. 
Many groups are responding to this program by donating the lockboxes to the Police Departments in their community.  Sgt Mourato said that the lockbox program has been implemented in Bristol, Seekonk, East Providence, Newport, Providence and has spread across the country.  The lockbox, Master Lock Portable Model #5400D, is available at Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and Amazon for those who might want to purchase one.  They cost From $28 to $40; however,  the lockboxes that are donated to Police Departments are made available to residents in need for free.
Chief Lacey attended this dinner meeting and he was very interesting in adopting this program - as were Westerly Rotarians.  The Board met after the meeting and voted to approve an initial purchase - so there will be more to come about this program for our community residents. 
Westerly Police Officer Richard Mourato also attended Monday's dinner meeting.
Community Giving to date includes $500 to Westerly Pee Wee Football and $500 to the Columbus Day Parade Committee.
A $600 check to sponsor a child of Chikumbuso for one year, as well as $100 check to A Walk to End Alzheimers for walkers Rona and Rose, $60 check to Stand Up for Animals for Trivia Night event and $300 check to Central Baptist Church for First Responders Service, $40 to Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Fund (to help Rona reach her goal for the half marathon walk last weekend), $200 to Westminster Youth String Ensemble, $250 to Literacy Volunteers of Washington County, $500 to WARM Shelter, $200 to Haitian Health, $500 to 2019 Mexico Project with Dan Alvino's participation, $250 to Central Baptist Church for Puerto Rico Mission trip, $5400 for Harmony Trail instruments at Rotary Park.
Past President Bob Elmer is the Rotarian representative to work the Westerly High School's Interact Program.
With the assistance of Principal Michael Hobin and his staff, Abi Turano was selected to attend Rotary Youth Leadership Award Camp next year.  RYLA tuition has been mailed in.
EREY: Ten members have contributed to the Rotary Foundation as of December 31 - so, 55.5% participation since July.  If anyone makes a donation directly at Rotary Foundation website, please let Secretary Rose know.
POLIO PLUS:  $500 through our Million Dollar Meal at Rotary Park.
Membership Committee:  Chair Cal Lord with Dan Alvino and Frank Celico
Cal, Frank and Dan have either corresponded or met in person to follow up on potential member candidates.  At Monday's dinner meeting, Cal encouraged members to spread the news of Rotary service and seek out other potential members to attend a meeting.  The committee will be working on a budget for recruitment expense.
Harmony Trail Instruments - Kathryn met with Paul Duffy of Parks Department after he contacted her about installing an instrument at Rotary Park.  The Parks Department has $1,500 to contribute to this project.  The Board voted to purchase two instruments with Kathryn and Rose making the instrument selections.   They selected two instruments, which were part of a 3-instrument package.  This deal would project a better price value.   Meet Griffin and Merry....
Latest news  -  The Celico Family is sponsoring the third instrument in the set for Rotary Park.  Piper will be wearing a plaque "In Memory of Mario Celico".
Get Well Wishes  -  We heard from Ada that Bob Elmer is home from the hospital.  Hooray!!!!!
ADG Chuck Sauer has agreed to represent our Club for the District Annual Business meeting.
DGE Stephen Albright has agreed to represent our Club for the Rotary International Annual meeting.
Reforest the Tropics has advised that there will be STEM Expo at Westerly High School to highlight the program for a community presentation on May 23rd.  More to come on this.
Apr 29:  Student of the Month - Allison Ornberg
Apr 29:  Speaker Kimberly Wright Mastrofino of The Olean Center
May 3:  Scituate Rotary Club's 11th Annual Wine Tasting & Beer Sampling, from 7:00 to 9:00 at the Imperial Room, 1 Rhodes Place, Cranston.  From 3/1 to 5/2 tickets are $30 per person, $35 at the door. 
May 3-4:  2019 District Conference at Danver, MA - May 3 is Paul Harris Luncheon at 12:00
May 11:  Annual Charitable/Scholarship dinner at The Cooked Goose.  Members are beginning to gather auction and raffle items.  Chairs are Ted Avedesian and Steve Cofone.
May 13:  Speaker Regina Bartlett.  Writer and Motivational speaker
May 15:  Spring clean-up day at Rotary Park Children's Garden 10am with the Westerly Garden Club - bring gloves, gardening tools
May 20:  Student of the Month
May 23:  Westerly STEM Expo with RTT at Westerly High School
June 10:  Elin & Rick Lawrence - Guatemala Water/Sanitation Projects.  They will also be bringing many handmade items - scarves, bags, jewelry
June 22:  Chorus of Westerly Summer Pops
Aug 26:  District Governor Albright visitation and Million Dollar Meal at Rotary Park
Sep 14:  Walk to End Alzheimer's in Westerly  So far -Kathryn, Rona, Rose...
Oct 7:  Golf Tournament at Shelter Harbor Golf Club.  Chair Kathryn Taylor, Lead sponsor Frank Celico.  
Fifth Annual Golf Tournament at Shelter Harbor Golf Club
7 October 2019    10:30 Register/check in    Noon Shot Gun Format
Player registration fee  $300.00
Chair:  Kathryn Taylor  (kathryn.taylor42@gmail.com)
Event Chair:  Frank Celico  (frankcelico@thewinestoreri.com
Player registration form and Tee Sponsor form are available on our website - see "download" section.
Email blast was sent out early in March.  14 players have registered.
                                Tee Sponsors
         DMR Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Inc.
               Hoyt, Filipetti & Malaghan LLC
To the members of Westerly Rotary - from Linda Wilkinson:
"Thank you so much for your sponsorship check received in the mail.  You are brilliant!  Both Sabrina and I are so pleased.
Thank you so much for choosing to sponsor a child!  There are so many children in need here, and sponsorship makes such a huge impact on the lives of the student and their family.  Your donation allows the child to receive a bag of mealie-meal, sugar, cooking oil, soap and most importantly an education.
I have chosen a first grader for you by the name of Whyness Phiri.  Whyness is nine years old, and she and her 3 brothers live with their grandmother here in Ng'ombe.  Her grandmother sells tomatoes on the street in an attempt to provide for the children, but it just isn't enough.  She was so grateful to learn that you will now be providing food for them!
Whyness will be writing you a letter telling you a little bit more about herself and her interests.  I've also attached a photo so you can see just how adorable she is!
Thanks again for being such a blessing to this young girl and her family!"
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