Welcome to the Rotary Club of Westerly
Celebrating Sixty-Two Years  June 28, 1958-2020



We meet In Person
Mondays at 5:30 PM
Venice Restaurant
165 Shore Road
Westerly, RI 02891
United States of America
(401) 315-5868
Home Page Stories
The Board met at 4:30 with Kathryn and Suzanne joining us on Zoom.  Discussed topics included permission to install a Rotary sign at the Main St/Union St island.  Ted contacted the town and learned that it would not be a problem.  Rose was supposed to get prices for the signage but forget; so this was tabled until October.  Board approved $1200 to Chikumbuso to continue the education of Whyness Phiri and Peter Juma and also approved $500 to support 2 students in the GAP Program.  Kathryn and Doug are working on a project to contact former Westerly Rotarians to contribute to the Foundation. 
Rona brought the Board up to date on the Killam Family project.  Four year old Ryder was born with Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus, Hydronephrosis and Chiari Malformation II.  They recently purchased a minivan which will cost about $35,000 in modifications for Ryder's needs.  Rona has been in contact with Chief Lacey, other Rotary Clubs and WBLQ.  In the works is an all day radiothon to help this family.  More to come on this
Regular meeting began at 7:00 with an additional zoom guest - Deborah MacAulay, who is a member of the Vero Beach Sunrise Rotary Club and visiting here in RI.  President Rona told the attending members that our deliveries of food and supplies continues in the area,  our canned goods collection last week was distributed to RICAN, PNC and JCCoW.  Next collection will take place on September 28 after our United Theatre tour.  Happy/Sad dollars would be donated to the District's fundraiser to benefit the folks down in Lake Charles, LA - $208 was sent - Thank you to all who were so very generous!!!
Rona gave the floor to Frank Celico to discuss status of the Golf Tournament.  As of Monday evening we had 110 players signed up and 37 tee sponsors purchased.  We are now at total player capacity and up to 40 tee sponsors - more to come on September 21.
September 21 will bring us Lina O'Leary from Stand Up for Animals.
September 28 we will take a field trip to the United Theatre where we will be greeted by Executive Director Lisa Utman Randall.  Lisa will take us on a tour (around the construction).  At the tour's end we will hand over our canned goods and adjourn to the Hilltop Cafe or home, as you choose.
October 5 - all hands on deck beginning at 7am at Shelter Harbor Golf Club.  This year tee times are staggered from 9am through 2pm so help will be needed throughout the day.
October 12 - Columbus Day holiday - NO meeting.
October 19 - World Polio Day is October 24th; so we will do something at this meeting related to Rotary's Polio eradication efforts.
Our Walkers  -  Danny Alvino, Rona Mann, Rose Russo, Kathryn Taylor, Dora Vasquez-Hellner
Dora "double-dipped", walking 4.6 miles in Mystic for Alzheimer's Walk and Walk for Fallen 9/11.   Kathryn is hiding behind her Alzheimer's flower at miles 3 on River Road.
Rose journeyed around Casa Russo's back yard.  With the Club's contribution of $125, our total Rotary Team donation was $285.
This wonderful service project was brought to us Monday evening by Rotarian Dora Vasquez-Hellner.  She said, "The veterans at the RI Veterans Home in Bristol have been isolated from friends and family since approximately March 12, 2020 due to the Covid Quarantine.  Morale is exceptionally low.  Many veteran's groups have requested permission to hold a 'gratitude parade' of decorated vehicles circling the Vet Home property but were denied for various reasons.  The residents have been in lock-down with the closing of their barber shop, their mini-mart, their cafeteria, their pool table and no visitors." 
However, vets may receive packages sent through UPS, USPS and FEDEX; so Dora is asking everyone to jin her in putting together a "mail bag" of cards and letters for our veterans living there.  Simply write a note or two or three  - address your envelope to "Any Veteran", 786 Church Avenue, Warwick RI 02889. 
Please don't hesitate to pass this on to others in your circle of family and friends.  Help Dora to cheer up our Veterans and spread some joy and happiness!!!!
  Dora is a proud Army Veteran, Westerly High School Teacher and Westerly Rotarian
Whyness Phiri and Peter Juma are our two Chikumbuso students.  We will be sending their 2020/21 tuition very soon.   Tuition of $600 per year includes food for them and their families. 
       Westerly Rotary CAN do!!!
In a continuing effort to do what we can for our community during these trying times, we will be collecting canned goods and dry goods.  The Jonnycake Center of Westerly, RI Assisting Those in Need (RICAN) and Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center are now accepting canned and dry goods.  They have given out thousands of pounds of food during the pandemic and can always use more.  The Board discussed this need at the last Board meeting and felt that once a month we would ask our members to bring some canned goods to our meeting.  To keep things easy, collection will happen at the last meeting of each month.  Leave the goods in your vehicle and they will be collected after the meeting by those who will be delivering the items.  Eventually, we hope to expand this project to a community-wide collection event.  So, our first Westerly Rotary CAN do will be Monday, August 31st..  We had a pretty good start.  Next collection date is September 28.
Rona said that the delivery project is still continuing - five deliveries were made last week.  Thank you for all who are helping with this project.
Help Someone Else  ---  GIVE BLOOD  ---  It is Safe to Donate
Go to www.ribs.org/safety for more information
This event is co-sponsored by the Westerly Education Center with our Club and will take place on Tuesday, 8 September 2020 from 12:00pm to 5:00pm at the Large Conference Room, Westerly Education Center, 3 Friendship Street.   All presenting donors will receive a Life's Essentials T-Shrt.  It is recommended  that donors make an appointment for purposes of safe spacing  - call 401.453.8383 or 800.283.8385 or go to www.ribc.org/drives to book.  Sponsor Code is 3865.   Because of COVID19, the need is great - encourage family and friends to join you in this wonderful good deed.
Important things to remember:
          Bring identification
          Eat a salty snack day before donation
          Eat regular meals throughout the day of donation
          Drink plenty of healthy fluids day before and day of donation
          Try to get at lest 7 hours of sleep the night before
          Wear practical clothing - easy to roll sleeves up.
See you there!!!!
A visit originally scheduled for May, until COVID raised its ugly head, Rick and Elin Lawrence brought many handcrafted items and a slide show of the progress being made in the villages located in the Central Highlands of Guatemala.  Rick will soon be celebrating 42 years as a Rotarian with the Manchester, CT Club and he is the District 7890 Chair Water & Sanitation Projects.  This project began back in 2006 with a NGO called Aldea.  Their model required that the people in each village must provide all the labor.  Rotary funds are used only for materials.  Villagers also contribute with their own funds to maintain the equipment.  Now the project continues with a Rotary International Global Grant that matches $.50 per dollar.  In the 2018/2019 fiscal year, 48 Clubs from several Districts participated with a total of $235,600.  For the 2019/2021 period, Rotary Clubs from  11 Districts expect to contribute $112,969 with $56,485 from the TRF Match for the Agua Caliente and Paxorotot Village projects. 
A few facts -  1.1 billion people didn't have access to water without walking miles to collect unsanitary water and having to boil it before it could be used.  Think about that - we simply go to the sink and turn on the faucet.  30,000 people per day die due to water-related illness.  90% are children less than 5 years old.  Due to improperly ventilated stoves, children and adults suffer respiratory ailments.
What the project includes  -  Water systems with filtered chlorination systems with diesel-powered generators & electric pump, Vented latrine enclosures, safe vented stoves.  The villages must find a spring first and buy the land.  Then a system is installed to bring the water to the village and purified for use.  Each family received a spigot and contributes to the system's maintenance.  A sustainable latrine is built with appropriate shelter.  Each home gets a safe stove which eliminates smokey air in the home.  One village recently installed solar panels which eliminated the need for the diesel system.
The result  -  increased good health and well being, decrease in intestinal diseases, decrease in eye infections, decrease in respiratory ailments, and decrease in burns from the unsafe stoves.
We were delighted to present our check for $1,000 to Rick.
Handcrafts  -  Elin and Rick each year pack up school supplies and soccer balls (collapsed) into 4 suitcases to bring to the villages they plan to visit.  As they prepare to return home, they purchase as many handcraft items - scarves, bags, wallets, water bags, totes, beaded jewelry - as they can fit into those 4 suitcases and sell them to the Rotarians they visit.  The money earned from selling these items provides the funds need to fill those 4 suitcases for their next trip to Guatemala.  If anyone wants to buy something really unique and beautiful, contact the Lawrences at elawrlaw@sbcglobal.net.  They are living in Charlestown, RI until October..
Sixth Annual Rotary Club of Westerly Golf Tournament
at Shelter Harbor Golf Club  on 5 October 2020
Co-Chairs:  Frank Celico and Kathryn Taylor
  Publicity:  Chris DiPaola, Bob Elmer, Rona Mann, Derin Temel
  Major Sponsors:  Caroline Maynard and Dan Alvino
  Tee Sponsors:  Julie Lord and Suzanne Lane
  Goody Bags:  Ted Avedesian and Steve Cofone
  Framed Award Certificates:  Derin Temel
        Valenti Subaru
        Grey Sail Brewery
        Westerly Community Credit Union
        Bouvier Insurance
        Avie's Ski/Sport
        Bank RI
        Beachcrest Dental, Inc
        BPS Lawyers
        Breezeway Resort
        Central Baptist Church
        Chariho Furniture
        Dan & Florence Alvino
        DMR Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Inc
        Dunns Corner Market
        Evie & Steve Cofone
        First Physical Therapy LLC
        Gaffney-Dolan Funeral Home, Inc
        Giamalis and Company LLC
        Ginger's Service Station, Inc
        Grey Sail Brewery
        Hartford Toyota
        Hotel Maria
        Hoyt, Filippetti & Malaghan LLC
        Jean & Doug Rayner
        Jonneycake Center of Westerly
        Margin Street Inn
        Maria's Seaside Cafe
        Randall, Realtors
        Rebecca J Woodward, DMD & Adam S Kaufman, DMD
        Reforest the Tropics Inc
        Robert H Lord Company Inc
        South County Auto  LLC
        The Cooked Goose
        Toscano's Mens Shop
        Total Team Solutions
        Westerly Dental Group
        William T. Sisco,  CPA
        Paul Cofoni
        Brian A Renstrom
        Kathryn Taylor
Flyer, Registration and Tee Sponsor forms are available through website "download files"
REMINDER:  Checks should be made payable to the Rotary Club of Westerly Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.
This flyer above says it all.  Donating to Rotary means clean water and sanitation.  Health and Hope in areas that were once ravaged by diseases like polio.  Economic Development and new opportunities.  Your financial help makes all this happen, and more.  With your help, we can make lives better in your community and around the world.  EVERY ROTARIAN EVERY YEAR provides funds to Rotary Foundation's Annual Fund, specifically, and 50% of this donation comes back to the District.   You can prepare a check payable to The Rotary Foundation and Rose will make sure that it gets to Rotary Foundation in your name or you can go directly to the Rotary website and make your donation online.  Please let Rose know that you did so. 
2020/2021 Stars
Ted Avedesian, Steve Cofone, Frank Livingston, Cal Lord, Julie Lord
If you know of someone who is "at risk" and can benefit from having a lockbox installed at their home, please contact the Westerly Police Department or Officer Mills at the non-emergency Phone Number 401.596.2022.  Our lockboxes are provided to residents in need free of charge.  Also, if other groups wish to donate lockboxes to the Westerly Police Department, please purchase them from McQuade's Ace Hardware.  We are being awarded special pricing and have delivered 40 lockboxes was delivered to Officer Mills.
Club Executives & Directors
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Immediate Past President
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays:
  • Frank Livingston
    September 9
  • Frank Celico
    September 11
Spouse/Partner Birthdays:
  • Lori Lord
    September 9
  • Caroline Maynard
    Jim Maynard
    September 7
  • Joe Potter
    September 11
Join Date:
  • Derin Temel
    September 9, 2019
    1 year
  • Dora Vasquez-Hellner
    September 9, 2019
    1 year
  • Julie Lord
    September 9, 2019
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